Greenhouse Grows Tomatoes

14 Jun

We posted some pictures of an inexpensive greenhouse we built last fall. This April, we set out our tomato seedlings in 5 gallon pots filled with garden and potting soil. They got a good head start when it was chilly outside, and today are about 5 feet tall! Pretty good for mid-June.

There are also several eggplants growing in pots.

We took the plastic covering off to allow the plants more sun and access to polinators. It will go back on in the fall to extend the growing season.

Instead of tomato stakes, the plants are supported by twine tied vertically onto the pots and wire frame. As the plants grow, we simply wrap the string around them in a gentle spiral. The plants are shooting through the roof now, so we’ll just let them lay on the wire frame as they get bigger!


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