Annotated Combined General and Technician Question Pools

These question pools have been merged for a combined Technician and General license instructional class where we will be "teaching to the test". All answers are shown below the questions, with the correct answer in bold italics. Teacher comments are highlighted and are not part of the question pool. Hams teaching licensing classes are welcome to use this as a resource. Questions intended for in-class review are marked with an asterisk. If you have corrections or suggestions for additions to the comments, please send a polite note to N4RPY at aqdi dot com.

The question pools are divided into ten subelements, with the Technician and General class pools having similar subject matter for each subelements. These subelements are interleaved below so all the related subject matter is collected for both license classes. Reading through the document, it becomes apparent that the Technician questions cover the basics, and the General questions cover the same material in more depth. The beginning student is encouraged to work through the General questions as well because if you know the Technician material you are about 75% of the way to passing your General exam!

The teacher comments sometimes contain links to web sites having more information on a topic. There are a lot of great resources on the web, and many expert descriptions and videos are available with a simple search. Explore!

There are a lot of questions here, but do not be discouraged! Many of the questions are asked repeatedly in different forms. If you can answer one, you can answer them all. Just start at the beginning and work a section a day, and in a month you will be ready for your test.

There are many online sample test sites, such as this one. Take the sample tests periodically. When you reach 85%-95% on every try, you are ready to take the real test.

These pool questions have been taken from documents at the ARRL's web site.


Revision: 07-Jan-16

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